A Smart Approach in Home Design: Built-In Office Space

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An office in the home is your own sanctuary to not only focus on your work but also let your creative juices flow. So ensuring this space inspires and motivates you to charge through work is essential. Your office space should be practical, and while designing one, your comfort also plays an important role. However, that’s not all. We discuss, in brief, the most important elements to consider when designing a practical and smart office space in your home.


Your attention to your work is directly related to the productivity you bring to the table. So, a minimal working space with no hindrances serves as a great working environment. The more cluttered the place is, the more distractions manifest in your way. Design a minimal space in your room that comprises a mild-coloured wall with certain accentuated colours placed strategically, which can come from a lamp, a plant or a bookcase.

Ergonomic Touches

In a working environment, your health sometimes takes a backseat. However, ergonomic furniture is a must to alleviate body posture issues arising from constricted poses while working. This furniture is specially designed to bring efficiency and comfort to an office. It offers a safe position while working, so there is no strain on your spine, hips and neck.

Natural Lighting

Natural light benefits you in more ways than one, and while working, ensure that you have an adequate amount of natural light spilling into your office. Natural light is shown to improve performance, sleep and vitality. Moreover, it also introduces an active and energized mentality and puts you in a good mood for the day. Moreover, natural light also reduces the energy consumption that artificial light requires.

Feature Walls

If you fancy a creative space for your office, a feature wall is a perfect way to introduce that curve. Numerous 3D designs and paintings elevate that one wall, accentuating your space’s look and blending sophistication and creativity into one. You can either go glamorous or suave, but you can never go wrong with feature walls!

Personalized Touches

While you think through the endless designs and choose various combinations for your office wall, it all comes down to your personal preference and comfort. Including elements that inspire and motivate you to get through your work and tackle challenges serves as a holistic working environment. You can include books, paintings, photographs, trophies and more to decorate your office and give it a personal touch. Your feature wall can cater to the type of job you work on, whether it is creative or business-centric. For instance, a paint-splattered wall for your creative zone or a sophisticated high-rising shelf with books can do the job perfectly.

Aesthetics and practicality are at the core of designing any space, which comes from a vast design experience. ACI Homes creates an immaculate office space in your home to bring creativity and motivation to the fullest. Reach out to us for more information.