Biophilic Design and 4 Ways to Incorporate It into Your Home

Biophilic Design

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With the world progressing at a fast and unprecedented pace, human life has adapted to the unstoppable hustle. There is only so much peace that one gets. It could’ve been a while since you just sat amidst nature and felt peace. It’s almost impossible to seek such tranquility in our day-to-day lives, so why not bring nature to the home itself? The progressive interior designs have brought some of the best natural settings to a home through biophilic designs.

What are Biophilic Designs?

The term ‘biophilia’ means ‘love of nature’ that instills an innate connection with nature. With time, you might’ve drifted away from nature but you can bring it back with biophilic designs in your homes. The natural blend of art and science together with natural elements, such as plants dotting your interiors, flowers growing in corners, natural colours, natural shapes, and earthy components, can be incorporated into your home to bring you closer to the natural environment.

Why Should you Incorporate Biophilic Designs Into your Home?

Plants have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of stress you have in your daily life. Being in proximity to plants and having biophilic designs can lift your mood immensely, impact your circadian rhythm, increase immunity and inspire a sense of tranquillity in daily life.

What are Some Biophilic Designs to Bring Into your Home?

Biophilic designs are taking the trending spot for interior home designs this year, and there are more than a couple of ways to incorporate them into your home. Here are a few ideas to go biophilic this year.

Brighten up With Natural Light

Biophilic designs rely on everything natural, so why not brighten up the interiors with natural light! Installing huge windows can immediately pour maximum natural light into your home. It can improve your sense of alertness and help you sleep better at night. Let the light flood in by steering away from the curtains and clear the pathway from anything blocking it. You can position your seating furniture according to the windows or make a separate seating near to windows.

Bring the Outside In

Growing plants in your house can seem high maintenance but they can reflect a good environment and well-being in your home. You can opt for plants such as payer plats or fiddle leaf figs for a beginner. Moreover, you can also include some succulent plants like cactus to boost the natural ambience. If you want more natural elements, you can incorporate a small fountain or flowing waters in your interior designs.

Create Some Cozy Corners

Implement a fireplace with a stone hearth to create some cozy corners in your home. This can bring warmth to your interiors and also create a natural ambience in your home. You can pair up with earthy furniture and dressers near the fireplace where natural twigs and some green plants decorate the place plenty.

Inculcate Earthy Tones

Some shades of green, brown and minimalistic colours can enhance the look of your home to a more natural one. Green is the substance colour of nature and splashing its cool shades through furniture, a carpet or bedroom walls can elevate the interiors. Moreover, rustic wooden elements such as hardwood floors or stairs can also help create a natural environment.

Biophilic designs are a force of nature (literally!) and you can create a peaceful environment amidst nature with such designs. ACI Homes offers you a myriad of suave designs for your interiors that will bring you closer to nature than ever before. Reach out to know more.