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Design-Build: A Smart Approach

An intersecting collaboration of design and building is by far one of the most trending topics in commercial and residential hubs. Design build traction has enabled contractors to make cost-effective constructions with reduced time consumption and a significant increase in efficiency. ACI Homes advocates design build due to its inclusion of a single-source element that focuses on all aspects of construction so that you are saved from the hassle of segregating it to distinct contractors overlooking design, engineering and build part. With design build, you can approach a partner-based collaboration with us that ensures seamless integration right from research to execution. We implement design build in retail, commercial, institutional, residential and industrial domains and alter our planning with the inclusion of necessary components as per the requirements of client.

An Investor’s Game-Changer

We dispense custom-designed homes to investors possessing land and finance. Your search for custom homes and commercial units as investments ends here as ACI Homes is your designated contractor that builds suitable construction, which fits your taste and secures your investments.

A Buyer’s Trump Card

We provide on-hand ready-to-sell construction units or property, whether it’s commercial or residential, that works in favor of customers looking for a purchase of estates. Moreover, we sell and allocate lands for customers looking for the same.

Our Methodology

Meticulous Research

We are ardent on carrying out assessment and research of the undertaken project and analyzing all the involved factors along with the risks. Following this, we entail the estimation of the investment on your part with respect to finance, tenure, and commitment that can see any project through. We necessitate an outline of the operation and provide an ear to all your queries and suggestions.

Ingenious Planning

We believe strong planning and partnership are the foundations of any construction. We set a vision in sight and ensure to maximize customer satisfaction with cost-effective techniques and methodical planning. Our blueprint and layout depend on the type of domain our assignment rests in and propose necessary schemes that can elevate the infrastructural built and include customary additions, if any. We plan out the schedule, time-bound step-by-step process building logistics, visitation for sign assessment and final documentation.

Visionary Designs

We go beyond the barriers of design and rarely hesitate to include our creativity in the nooks and crannies of our projects. We offer transparency in our methodology and your design proposals are important to us. We deliver a range of custom designs that can be of your taste and domain, ranging from sophisticated to vibrant or landing on earthy textures. With high-tech sketchings, 3D designs and graphic elements, we provide you with a futuristic design.

Detailed Engineering

Engineering is one of the most vital parts of construction and our veterans at MR Engineering are well-versed with the intricacies of the design-build process. Years of expertise have enabled our engineers in building your project with utmost precision. Be it civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, or geotechnical, we ace them all. We provide the finest solution-driven components that will help your property withstand a range of problems and increase its durability with a sustainable approach.

Seamless Finalizing

We have a discussion with our customers about warranties, finalizing the operations and completing the necessary formalities and documentation. We stick by you even after the execution and completion of your project to ensure you are satisfied and leading a good life while on the property.

Why Adopt Design-Build?

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