General Contracting & Renovation

'There is No Box’

The binding phrase ‘think outside the box’ often constricts the capabilities of how far one can reach and experiment. ACI Homes grooms itself for the non-conformity and the ideology of thinking that there is no box, which exposes us to a wide spectrum of ideas and explorations we can add to renovating and designing your dream place.

Avail Some of Our Top-Grade Facilities

Mixed-Use Buildings

Driving the urban development forward, we design mixed-use buildings involving various sectors, such as residential, commercial, or entertainment, into a single space. We erect buildings in a multi-purpose aspect so that the residents of the buildings can easily access numerous benefits, such as retail or medical offices.

Multi-Family Homes & Apartments

Seek out our multi-family residential services to build homes accommodating more than one family. Whether it is a duplex, an apartment or two dwellings in a single building, our thorough blueprint and perfect execution assist in building a concrete structure with top-grade raw materials and a veteran designing and engineering team.

Senior Homes

ACI Homes is a solutionist in all aspects. We tackle a wide range of issues proliferating in your residential or commercial properties, including the ever-demanding drainage system. Our arsenal of skills affixes the issues your drainage system encounters with specialized equipment and tools. A systematic approach of the in-house team negates the sprouting drainage problems, such as unfortunate clogs or untimely blockage of the system, along with problems involving the intricacies of plumbing pipes and system failures.

Retail Store

Your shops should exude elegance and sleek designs while falling under the affordable range and we are here to provide you with exactly that. We ensure our designs make your customers feel at ease in your retail store. Furthermore, we construct spacious places for the storage of your commodities with a well-built infrastructure.

Pharmacies and Clinics

Our core commercial spaces planning centralizes on high subsistence and superior remodeling so that your commercial space would be self-sufficient and welcoming. Our role in pharmacy and clinic renovations is to provide you with minimal yet outstanding plans with well-structured walls adorned with functional shelves or cabinets, among others.

Car Wash Facilities

From renovating your existing car wash facility to constructing a whole new one, we provide everything for you. We map out the area and build the car wash center by evaluating the dimensions of necessary car wash equipment and planning out the space accordingly. Our team of engineers and constructors takes in your valuable input and builds to align with it.


We provide end-to-end solutions when it comes to renovations and contracting because we incorporate the dream place that you visualize. We plan according to your brand image, audience, your restaurant idea and format and bring out the optimum functionality in your restaurant while subsequently leaving your customers happy and satisfied. We transform your restaurant that aligns with the ethnic specialty you want to bring out with high-end construction and design.

Spa and Salons

Spa and salons are spaces of rejuvenation and we necessitate that your customers experience the best ambiance. We choose the color schemes that highlight your brand vision with vibrant or suave textures that emanate positivity, creativity and ambition. With elevating accent wall designs and investment in aesthetic lightings, your spa and salon touch is fulfilled by us.

Recreational Centers

If a gaming zone idea has a tight grip on you, our ultimate rec room elements will help you conquer the same. We devise a spacious plan for your rec room so that you can enjoy gaming time with your mates. From exceptional flooring to aligning walls and arrangement of rec room preferences, we truly make your gaming experience full of leisure.

Gas Stations

We establish a collaborative process in developing a gas station that relays your brand voice, design and scheme. We build in such a way that your customers get the utmost convenience while at your station, and the station fulfills your long term goals. We erect an inviting space for your customers and make your business stronger.


From lobbies to restaurants and room designing, we are your ultimate destination for hotel renovations. Your customer experience is important for us, which helps us in working on your hotel project diligently. We opt for distinctive tastes that set your hotel apart from others and help you settle in your brand voice and aesthetic.