5 Ways to Optimize Your Floor Plan

Floor Plan

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Erecting a home is a daunting task involving multiple aspects, and it all starts with the right flooring plan. Numerous customizable or ready-made flooring will fulfil your wishes for a well-designed home. At this stage, your architect will design well-customized flooring that caters to your needs. But if you want to buy a ready-to-move house, ensure to have a talk with your broker to lock in the kind of flooring you need. To determine the flooring design that aligns with your needs, we discuss the most important factors.

Ask the Right Questions

Preliminary to building a flooring plan, asking questions about its designs to yourself and your architect/broker is important. Ask questions such as:

  • How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need for your house?
  • What will be the dimension of living spaces?
  • What are the functional spaces you need?
  • Do you need a customized flooring plan?
  • What is your current home missing?

These questions will help you configure an ideal living space with an optimal flooring plan.

Picture Your Life Five to Ten Years Ahead

When building a house, it’s rather important to have a long-term vision. So picturing yourself and your family a few years from now will help you analyze whether you have made the right decision for your flooring plan. Will your children move out of the house by then? Will you be moving homes at some point in the future? Are you looking to extend your family? While you cannot predict the future, you get an idea about the further steps your family will take.

Keep the Budget in Mind

Opt for a plan that caters to your budget. You might encounter certain model houses with immaculate flooring plans, compelling you to replicate them. However, ensure that they fit your budget range. An unnecessarily large space is subject to additional monthly operating expenses. Work with your architects to invest in the areas you need the most.

Choose Your Comfort First and Foremost

You and your family will be residing in the home for a significant number of years, making it important to build a space that is comfortable and effortless to navigate. Ensure that you get as much spacious area as possible to leave your surroundings airy. Comfort also comes from the arrangement of house flooring elements. For instance, keeping a laundry room on the second floor may lead to the hassle of going up every time you do laundry. So it’s better to have it on the living room floor for easy access.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lastly, map out the way you live your life every day. If your family is accustomed to outdoor living spaces, then it is ideal to include a patio or a garden around your property. Determine if you want a multi-story house or a single-story one. Also, choose whether you want an open flooring plan or individual rooms with partitions. Moreover, if you are someone who often works from home, make sure you reserve a space for an office study.

There are numerous configurations of flooring options based on your requirements, and you need the right creator to see it through. ACI Homes designs an exceptional, cost-effective and functional flooring plan aligning with your requirements. We ensure to exceed your expectations and complete the job flawlessly. Reach out to get a quote from us.