Pre-fabricated Unit for Home Building


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Due to the advancement in manufacturing, technology and customization, pre-fabricated houses have certainly created a buzz in the real estate market and with good reason. Whether it is high quality, affordability or sustainability, pre-fabricated or pre-fab houses check all the boxes. Let’s discover why many people turn to pre-fabs to build their new homes.


One of the most significant advantages of pre-fab in today’s world is being energy efficient. Modular homes can save up to 72% of energy, which comes from modern manufacturing methods off-site and post-construction. These houses are known to produce fewer carbon emissions than traditional construction, reducing the carbon footprint of the homes. These modular homes are constructed to bring maximum natural light, thus preventing the utilization of light bulbs. Additionally, pre-fab homes come equipped with solar panels and energy-saving LED lights.


Being customized, pre-fab homes can grant you the advantage of affordability. Depending on the design, location and material requirement, pre-fab homes can be built within your budget and may even cost less than stick-built homes. The affordability also stems from fewer labour costs, as a limited number of workers are required for the job within a short course of time. Fewer workers paired with a streamlined process can help you reduce costs significantly.


Pre-fabricated construction is a faster and more efficient alternative compared to conventional homes. Where traditional homes require a longer duration of permits, approvals and planning, pre-fabricated homes facilitate a speedy process with less downtime in the development phase. Constructed well in advance, pre-fabricated units are assembled at the desired site, saving a notable amount of time. It also depends on the complexity of pre-fabricated houses. A general modular home may be move-in ready in three to four months, whereas conventional homes take up to nine to twelve months. Due to their time-saving factor, a pre-fabricated unit is one of the most sought-after construction.

Minimal in Waste

Being designed and manufactured with specific measurements, pre-fab homes do not produce excess waste due to the allotted usage of material. Parts such as trusses and frames produce less waste on site. Moreover, strict assembling guidelines also reduce waste significantly.

Protected from Outdoor Elements

Building traditional homes outdoors can lead to property damage due to inclement Canadian weather. Moreover, they are also exposed to the risk of mould, mildew, theft or vandalism. Pre-fab units are designed and constructed in isolated areas, deprived of any contact with the external elements. This allows them to stay protected through the construction process, deterring any damage due to snow, hail, storms and more while reducing downtime or delays.

Buying pre-fab homes would be one of the best choices in the modern world, and we are here to assist you in the same. ACI Homes constructs pre-fabricated homes congenial to your requirements with fine craftsmanship and innovative ideas. Our capable team assesses your every need and delivers a home your family would love to live in.