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ACI Homes is proud to present our exemplary craftsmanship and utter diligence in establishing a concrete foundation of commercial and residential frontiers and imparting exceptional services that aid you in getting started with your estates. Our passion and devotion to work have been a driving force to see any project through with maximized customer satisfaction and exceptional designs, which has enabled us to flourish in this industry.

Our venture began from MR Engineering with our unparalleled engineering team that has garnered years of knowledge and experience, which enabled us to look into the finer details of any construction and provide the best services.

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Your home is the beginning of an incredible story and we are here to help weave it. We understand the expectations you have from your humble abode and provide you with the best advice and suggestions that meet your standards. With carefully crafted units and using cutting-edge technologies, we build apartments with attention to detail from a spectrum of amiable designs.

Commercial bays (units)

Our meticulous craftsmanship is highlighted in our commercial bay units. We construct a range of units that align with the notion of your commercial space that you imagine. Our top-notch designing, planning and seamless execution have put our multifaceted commercial bays at the apex of construction. Our expertise goes beyond just construction and approaches innovations in the commercial sector too.

Duplex homes

We carry your vision of a home forward. With a comprehensive warranty system and veteran scholars of this territory, we enable our customers to have a blissful life in their dream duplex home. Our sustainable methods and futuristic approach have made these duplex homes the one place to invest in. These duplexes come in durable structures and top-of-the-line finishing of kitchen, bathroom and flooring with unrivaled design.

Single Homes

A sturdy infrastructure is fundamental for us, hence we use premium raw materials that form a robust construction. Our detail-oriented practices pay attention to every nook and cranny in our construction Moreover, research has always been our forte and we ensure to locate crawl pipelines and sewages to give your apartment convenient plumbing intricacies so that you live a comfortable life.

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The wait is long over. In fact, our properties are available on pre-sale right now! We navigate you through the buying process and answer your queries with an avid interest regarding the same. We authenticate required documents and stick by you even after the acquisition of property to ensure that you are met with the finest works and maintenance.

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