Property Management

Your: Amiable Condo Story

Our collaboration with an inspiring set of domains in construction and our own extensive knowledge of design-build aids us in meeting the objectives you have with your condo. Irrespective of your role as an owner or a tenant, we necessitate the cardinal procedures required before undertaking your condo management. Our agile and motivated team of veterans cater to your every condo requisitions, including designing, painting, interiors or exteriors, along with drainage and plumbing desideratum. Our engineering team at MR Engineering is driven with grit and passion to deliver precise project planning accounting to various branches of electrical, mechanical, geotechnical, structural and environmental integrity.

Our Spectrum of Services


ACI Homes is a solutionist in all aspects. We tackle a wide range of issues proliferating in your residential or commercial properties, including the ever-demanding drainage system. Our arsenal of skills affixes the issues your drainage system encounters with specialized equipment and tools. A systematic approach of the in-house team negates the sprouting drainage problems, such as unfortunate clogs or untimely blockage of the system, along with problems involving the intricacies of plumbing pipes and system failures.

Concrete Floor Replacement

We invest in the planning and construction of the concrete floor and its replacement by using geo-textile methods and excavation of building footprint area, regarding the existing subgrade, and compacting it. Our team monitors the construction well and initiates material testing before executing the process.

Replacement of Broken Concrete by Asphalt

Your damaged asphalt should retain its healthy structure and we are here for just that. We replace your broken concrete, along with affixing the existing subgrade material of the asphalt in the process and install a novel, sturdy concrete that provides longevity with geo-textile pavement settlement.

Replacement & Resurfacing of Road/Carport/Stall

Our competent professional engineers conduct a streamlined flow of replacement and resurfacing of roads, carports and stalls. We follow through with the process right from excavations till site replacement, reconciliations and immaculate finishing. We overlook the process of resurfacing with the careful approach of material hauling, cold mining or grinding the existing base and finishing it with the perfect clean-up.

Re-Construction of Slab-on-Grade/New Concrete Pad

For a comprehensive reconstruction of the slab-on-grade, our team of professionals conduct a geotechnical investigation to identify the competent soil layer. Based on these investigations, our professionals at MR Engineering plan out the design pile foundation and rebar for your new concrete slab. We supply and install all materials, tools, equipment, labor and logistics to build a new concrete pad with construction monitoring, material testing of impaction and concrete test.

Supply & Install Structural Beam, Column & Lifting Lug

ACI Homes is well-versed in erecting an infrastructure that includes the supply and installation of structural beams, columns and lifting lugs on the site of construction. We supply structural beams, including HILTI bolts and lugs with re-pads for any location. We install these elements on the site of construction as per the stamped engineering drawings provided by you, while also taking into account the safety measures as we conduct MPI on the lifting lug welding.

Supply & Install Screw Piles

We are your one-stop suppliers for numerous construction materials, one of them being screw piles along with their installations. Our high-strength steel manufactured screw supplies form a ground anchoring system that builds your infrastructure on a robust foundation while our team oversees their installation with effective execution.


Choosing from a myriad of designs and color palette involves greater time expenditure and indecisiveness. Owing to this, ACI Homes confers with you to recognize your property needs and imagine a color scheme that best aligns with your style. We ace every elan and finesse in the books that will elevate the look you have in mind paired with our own creativity. From suave tones to embellished textures with decorative murals, your home or office walls will dip their toes in the water of splendor.

Decks and Fences

An envisioned home that cultivates merry and intimate family time is something very much attainable with ACI Homes. The apprehension in your hunched shoulders drained with the daily grind dissipates as you spend quality time with your loved ones on the gorgeous and sturdy deck we built. These multifaceted decks built with premium materials and fine craftsmanship are designed to hold your party sessions, picnics or barbecue evenings. Furthermore, our high-raised and impenetrable fences are crafted for stress-free living.


We utilize a comprehensive blueprint exhibiting eminent holistic attributes that inculcate maximum support of roofing to your house. We recognize the need for a robust roofing system to withstand extreme temperatures all over Canada. A detailed structure that rests upon shingles, roof covering, sheathings and insulations is executed by our professionals, while also maintaining equilibrium through appropriate ventilation systems and imposing proper drainage facilities.


A well-built construction often eclipses the need for siding, but it is as important as other prospects of a home building. Our polished siding accentuates your home’s curb appeal and acts as a barrier to safeguard your property from fluctuating temperatures and brutal weather conditions. With innumerable textures and colors, ACI homes provide energy-efficient siding made out of quality raw materials procured from highly-trusted suppliers.