Your Choice of Preference: Single Family Home Over Townhouse

Home Over Townhouse

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The prospect of buying a new house entails consideration of multiple types of houses, be it detached, semi-detached or townhouses. Several factors and perks of these houses can cater to your requirements for a house and determine your choice. This brief exploration compares townhouses and single-family homes, helping you choose the right fit for you and your family.

Single-Family Home and Townhouse: What Is the Difference?

To understand their distinct perks, we need to know the difference between the houses. One prominent difference between single-family homes and townhouses is their structure. Single-family homes are standalone homes, typically detached from any other properties. These plots are either owned by the landowner, town owners or homeowners. In contrast, townhouses are attached to each other, sharing at least one wall with the adjacent townhouse.

Now that we know their difference, let’s explore the perks each type of house offers.

Single-Family Home


When you imagine a home for you and your family, you’d want a house with privacy and no neighbours’ interference. Single-family houses are standalone and detached from each other, providing excellent privacy with the absence of any wall separating the houses.

Basement Suite

Single-family homes give you the liberty to turn your extra space into a useful and functional place. This is a brilliant opportunity to turn the space into a basement legal suite.

Home Value

Your single-family house can be revamped and renovated as per your liking to make it a beautiful residence to live in. Such a house creates high property value if you plan on selling it in the future.

Backyard or Lawn

Single-family houses provide more square footage, which can be further used to create a beautiful backyard or lawn, grow plants, create a space for your children to play, have a BBQ session and more!


Low Costs and Maintenance

Townhouses are relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for first-time buyers. Since they are generally owned by the townhouse association or landowners, the maintenance and repairs, such as roof leaks or snow removal, fall into their hands. Landowners are also responsible for real estate taxes, which don’t fall into the hands of occupants.

Condo Fees

Many townhouses also grant the residents condo fees that cover many aspects such as basic landscaping maintenance, replacement of roofing and more. So families on the road or needing maintenance coverage can use condo fees to not only repair but also provide property insurance through condo fees.

Comfortable Space

For couples, families and young crowds looking for downsizing but also wanting a comfortable space, townhouses can fulfill your space needs. Townhouses can be stretched across one to three bedrooms with convenient living for families.

Area Amenities

Due to the houses being clustered together, these areas are provided with parks, common areas, swimming pools and more for the residents.

Single-Family Home and Townhouse: What Is Better for You?

If you are thinking of downsizing your house and making your stay budget-friendly, then townhouses are the ones you should opt for. However, if you have a family and a sufficient income to manage your own home, then single-family houses are the ones you should choose. ACI Homes is your partner in designing immaculate homes through precise blueprints and top-notch finishes. Reach out to us to get a quote.