Sunroom: Essential or Just an Aesthetic Adder


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A pleasing sanctuary in your home that provides a perfect spot to unwind, a sunroom is an aesthetically pleasing mood-maker of a room that elevates the feel of your home. But homeowners might weigh the perks against the cons and determine whether it is worth investing in a sunroom. A sunroom provides cozy interiors with suave and rustic furniture to adorn the place, while a transparent glass wall invites the sunlight in. So, designing a sunroom in your home would be your ideal place of leisure and comfort. And if you have decided to design a sunroom for your home, there are a few things to consider.

Types of Sunrooms

There are several types of sunrooms to choose from, some of which include:

Conventional Sunroom

While there are numerous sunroom designs that you can incorporate into your house, traditional sunrooms are simple yet aesthetically pleasing. These sunrooms are an additional inclusion attached to a room, while their functionality defines what sub-type of sunroom it can be evolved into.

Four-Season Sunroom

A four-season room serves throughout the year. It can be attributed to the heating and cooling systems to tackle climatic conditions and year-round changes. So, if you are planning on investing in a sunroom, a four-season sunroom or a four-season porch is the way to go. However, during the winter season, they require energy-draining heat to keep the surroundings warm.

Screen Room or Porch

A screen room or screen-in porch caters to the three seasons so that you can enjoy a beautiful fall or a charming, sun-lit summer, all the while being indoors.


Similar to a traditional sunroom or a four-season sunroom, a greenhouse provides a much-needed recluse amidst the chaotic life. A greenhouse prominently contains gorgeous indoor plants that can thrive due to the class walls. So, if you are someone that enjoys unwinding amidst the plants, a greenhouse is the one for your home.

Cost of a Sunroom

Several factors contribute to the cost of a sunroom. HVAC, for instance, regulates the heating and cooling conditions in a four-season sunroom. This cost might range from anywhere between $500 to $5000, depending upon the extent of the project. Apart from the appliances, the labour cost to enable intricate connections of the electrical system also adds up to the budget. Moreover, to ensure that the warmth of the chill is retained in the space, insulation plays an important role, which is another thing to consider. Lastly, don’t forget about the window and door sliders, which can cost at least $1,000. A high-end quality glass door made out of premium material can also cost up to $10,000.

While a sunroom can be your haven at home, it takes an industry expert to design such an immaculate space. ACI Homes designs a flawless sunroom with top-notch amenities and electrical systems to ensure you get a cozy and comfortable place. Reach out for a quote today.